Agenda at a Glance


Welcome address from Informa Markets in India


Keynote Presentation:

Introduction to the contemporary healthcare industry – understanding the connection between technology & healthcare
Ravinder Singh , World’s Top 10 Robotic Designer – World’s Top 25 CIO’s, #AI Leader in Asia – Inventor – Medical Devices


Threat Focused Security for Maximum Risk Reduction in Healthcare

When building a defense strategy, you must start with a thorough understanding of the threats you face. In Healthcare, we have unique assets, vulnerabilities, and in turn threats. By using the MITRE ATT&CK Framework, and their database of threat actors, we can build a defense strategy that prioritizes mitigating the types of attacks that we are most likely up against. This means our next dollar and our next minute will be spent as strategically and effectively as possible. In this talk, we will assess the specific threat actors that are most likely to target healthcare organizations. We'll then look at the adversarial techniques they typically employ. Finally, we'll look at the best ways to deal with these types of threats so you can most efficiently reduce the risk to your business.

Ajit Pillai , Regional Director, APAC, Morphisec Ltd.


Value Based Healthcare in India – Brainstorming with the Key opinion leaders of the industry

  • What & Why - acute disparity in healthcare – metropolitan cites, tier 2 & 3, rural ‘Bharat’
  • Value based healthcare & purchasing power parity in India
  • Why hospitals in rural ‘Bharat’ are not successful models irrespective of maximum consumer base?
  • Cost of delivering quality healthcare – manufacturing, logistics, sourcing & procurement
  • Research & Development in Indian Healthcare vs Expensive laboratory & diagnostic services
  • Affordable technology solutions – minimizing costs & maximizing gains – can we touch the ROI?
  • Summarizing the chain reaction – qualified doctors to quality care – where do we stand in delivering Value based healthcare to our exponential Indian population?
Cdr Navneet Bali , Director - Northern Region, Narayana health
Devanand Kolothudi , CEO, Aster DM Healthcare
Ravinder Singh , World’s Top 10 Robotic Designer – World’s Top 25 CIO’s, #AI Leader in Asia – Inventor – Medical Devices
Dr. George Noel Fernandes , Chief Executive Officer, Viveka Hospitals


Morpfisec session

Theme 1: Role of Digitalization in transforming healthcare


Understanding why Telemedicine is more important today than ever before?

  • How Telemedicine is revolutionizing healthcare?
  • Examining the challenges around Remote patient monitoring, telehealth virtual visits & emergency response system
  • How can Information Technology companies help bridge the gap?
Dr Pankaj Gupta , Head of Department - Digital Health, Access Health International – India
Dr Chandrika Kambam , Director – Clinical Services, HCG - Healthcare Global Enterprises Ltd
Dr Surya Bali , Nodal Officer, Telemedicine, AIIMS, Bhopal
V P Kamath , Group Chief Operating Officer, Pinnacle Cancer Centres India & International (A unit of Metropolitan Cancer Care Centres)


AI – the future of digitalised healthcare

  • Learning about the application of AI in digital infrastructure
  • Understanding the connection & relevance of Big Data
  • Machine learning for Digitalised healthcare
  • Evidence based Healthcare - Predictive Analysis in Healthcare
  • Expert Market analysis – IoMT& Technology
  • Understand the significance of IoMT for delivering a transforming healthcare experience
  • Analyzing the contemporary digital strategies for successfully engaging remote patient care
Rajiv Sikka , CIO, Medanta – The Medicity Hospital, Delhi
Neel Mehta , Healthcare Futurist, Keynote and TEDx Speaker
Neeraj Lal , Group Senior Vice President, Medicover Hospitals
Shuvankar Pramanick , CIO, Columbia Asia Hospitals


Fireside Chat - Digitalised healthcare – Vulnerability to cybersecurity risks

  • Cyber security in Digitalised Healthcare - Data Governance
  • End point & Network Infrastructure for hospitals & diagnostic centre
  • Cloud & Data Storage by healthcare professionals, clinics & hospitals
  • Data Sharing for patient dossier, sensitive information
Neeraj Jain , Country Director, India, PATH
Ishaq Quadri , CIO, S healthcare, Board Member, HIMSS
17:20 - Conference Day 1 Ends


Welcome address from Informa Markets in India

Theme 2: Digitalised Healthcare Infrastructure:


Digitalized Supply Chain in Healthcare

  • Enabling digitalised & cost-effective technologies in supply chain to cut sourcing & procurement costs for an affordable Healthcare
  • Understanding the loopholes in traditional logistics practices
  • Examining the benefits in ROI – AI & Cold chain in healthcare supply chain
Dr. Ananth Rao , Assistant Vice President - Operations, Parkway Healthcare India Pvt Lt
Dr Karan Thakur , Vice President - Operations & Communications, Indraprastha Apollo Hospitals
Pradeep Mishra , GM - General Manager & Head - Central Procurement & Supply Chain, Paras Healthcare Pvt. Ltd
Dr. J. Sivakumaran , Chief Operating Officer, KMCH, Coimbatore


Securing Healthcare: Sophos Cybersecurity Ecosystem

  • Safeguarding sensitive patient data: Securing personal details which could have a huge toll if exposed – for the individual, and the organization
  • Gaining confidence on ransomware: Healthcare is a major target for ransomware actors due to the significant PII held
  • Supporting an increasingly mobile workforce: Enabling people to work securely from anywhere
  • Overcoming the cyber skills gap: Bolstering teams who are overworked, and/or lack specific security expertise
  • Preventing user error: Protecting the organization from individuals’ mistakes – especially when users are overworked and/or working remotely
  • Handling unrealistic workloads: Saving time and reducing the admin burden for stretched IT teams
Ravindra Baviskar(CCNA, CEH, CCNSP, CCNSE) , Director - Sales Engineering (India & SAARC), Sophos Technologies Pvt Ltd


Patient safety, experience & engagement

  • Smart digital solutions for infection prevention & Medical Risk Management for enhancing patient experience & engagement
  • Captivating on digitalized tools & diagnosis for creating a value-based healthcare model – affordability & accessibility
  • The future of Patient safety & experience in India
Dr Mervin Leo , COO, Gleneagles Global Hospitals, Hyderabad
Manoj Ahlawat , Assistant Vice President - Supply Chain Management, Max Healthcare
Col. Dr. Sunil Rao , CEO, Gujrat Cancer Society


Role of #Opensource #DigitalHealth #buildingblocks on #DataQuality and #eGovernance in Community Medicine

Dr Pankaj Gupta , Head of Department - Digital Health, Access Health International – India


Significance of Healthcare Infrastructure

  • Understanding the impact of Covid on healthcare infrastructure
  • What are the trends & necessities around healthcare infrastructure in India?
  • How can technology help in transforming overall infrastructure?
  • Digitalised Hospitals- Innovative solutions & Developments in infrastructure automation & management to enhance patient experience
16:45 - Conference Day 2 Ends